We realized there is one kind of love that
hasn't been appreciated enough.
The kind of love that is expressed in bothersome ways.
So, we see an opportunity to further expand
Many Meanings of Love by appreciating
this Unappreciated Love.

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Agency: Maleo
Client: SilverQueen
Executive Creative Director: Andrian Wiranata
Creative Group Head: Aditya Aldjokdja, Marvin Ramaputra
Art Director: Raisha McHoly, Timothius Gigih
Copywriter: Athaja Nadjla, Ilma Kinasih, Natasha Sekar Ayu
Designer: Aditya Nugroho, Yemima Margaret
Account Director: Sharon Jonathan
Account Manager: Dhesyta Nadya
Account Executive: Cikal Wisnu
Strategy Director: Erlangga Gumilar
Strategist: Venti Verinta
Head of Content: Novy Adityasundari
Content Strategist: Rahel Junita Sari, Fiona Valencianes
Content Creator: Reynaldo Pratama
Content Executive: Demas Kevin
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