How we take part in people's conversation and
ensure that adulting can be playful too?

An OREO that allows you to make the most of
your break moments, as it is thinner,
lighter to eat, and crispier.

#IngeThins (Remember Thins)

Lagi suntuk? #IngeThins aja!
Lagi bad mood? #IngeThins aja!
Lagi pengen ngemil sore-sore? #IngeThins aja!
Lagi pengen yang crunchy? #IngeThins aja!
Lagi asik ngedit konten? #IngeThins aja!

Later after that, on December 2019,
during National Online Shopping Day,
we also want to spark consumers' interest
by owning the occassion of gifting.

We give when want to celebrate.
We give when want to appreciate.
We give because we remember.

OREO Music Box reminds you to always remember
giving some "THINS" to your loved ones.

Helping youths to express in a special,
personal and memorable way by bringing
our cookies to life like never before.

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Agency: Publicis Groupe Indonesia
Creative Director: Andrian Wiranata
Art Director: Ismiranti Kinanti, Tori Soekarno
Copywriter: Nazary Duzky, Pingkan Lumanauw
Content Writer: Desti Srikandi
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