We all face difficult times during this pandemic
But whatever happens, we'll always find a way
to express our love with a touch of homemade food

Here is the story...

Yes, it is true. We will have to keep a safe distance
from each other for a little longer.

But that won’t stop us from
showing how much we care.

We will give each other warm cuddles
with a bowl of tasty Chicken Soup.

Give soft kisses hidden in appetizing Crispy Chicken.
And greet our family with unforgettable
Capcay Oriental.

Does anyone need a shoulder to lean on?
Or an encouraging touch?

Just because we can’t touch,
does not mean we can’t love.

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Ajinomoto. Eat well. Live well.
• Corporate Film - Dir's Cut •
• Snapshot •

Agency: Publicis Groupe Indonesia
Chief Creative Officer: Ali Shabaz
Creative Director: Andrian Wiranata
Art Director: Ismiranti Kinanti
Copywriter: Nazary Duzky
- - -
Production House: Level Up Production
Executive Producer: Andryanto A
Director: Steven Purba
Post Production: Prodigi House
Audio Post: Little Audio
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